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Helper IV
Helper IV

Query parameters displayed value doesn't refresh in Power BI Service

Hi all,


I've defined a parameter which I use to create a dynamic query and I'd like to display its current value into my report for example using a card: I've enabled "parameter loading" option in Modify Query and all works fine in power bi desktop: once I've changed parameter value I refresh data and the new parameter value is correctly displayed in my card.


Unfortunatelly, after having uploaded my report into Power BI Service,changed my parameter value (Settings -> MyDataset -> Parameters -> Apply), refreshed the dataset, refreshed the report....displayed parameter value isn't updated!!! Smiley Mad


I'm on the horns of a dilemma, I seems to have forgotten nothing...any clue?


Thanks a lot in advance

New Member

appreciate everyone everywhere


this is voodoo.  this is hard to use.  this is harder to own.


this is bad news, Microsoft.  this is a bug.  fix it.

Helper I
Helper I

You can always reference the parameter and then convert it to a table. This is what I do to get a parameter value updated in my models.

Hi @Gregory_Felton,


Can you please explain how this is done.




@Gregory_Felton wrote:

You can always reference the parameter and then convert it to a table. This is what I do to get a parameter value updated in my models.

Thank you so much! 😀 This worked flawlessly

Community Support
Community Support



The effect is guarantied only for refreshes done 30 minutes after the parameter change.

Community Support Team _ Sam Zha
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Advocate II
Advocate II

I've experienced this bug but perhaps can sprinkle a bit more color here that (hopefully) expedites this bug's resolution.  When I added my parameter, in order to access this parameter's native value in the report (in my case, to generate a dynamic URL), I had to click "Enable Data Load" on said parameter.  When I do this, a special table is created in my report for that parameter with a single value.  When I then publish the report with a hard-coded value assigned in PBI Desktop for testing purposes, I log into PBI Web and change that parameter in the Dataset's Settings dialog.  It seems that herein lies the issue.  When I do a data refresh out on the cloud, my Advanced Query pulls this parameter value correclty (after a couple of tries, this too is spotty) but eventually is used properly.  But it seems the special dataset loaded into the report (Import Data, not DirectQuery) for this parameter's value is not refreshed from the Parameter value we define in PBI web.  As a workaround, we've updated the hard-coded value for each branched report in PBI Desktop and this resolves.  But that won't resolve for the other community members in this thread as they're trying to override dynamically - in the end, the fix should be this: Parameters set in PBI Web should carry into the special table created for parameters set to "Enable Data Load" when a dataset is refreshed out on the web.  In other words, the values defined out on should supercede any hard-coded values for these parameters set during local PBI Desktop testing, and - perhaps most importantly - cloud-triggered data refreshes should properly carry over PBI web-defined values into these special, imported tables.

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So this bug was reported over a year ago and still no action from the Power BI team? Can we please get some attention on this? Is this at least on your radar? Please provide status.

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Please fix

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To integrate the parameters updating in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, do this : 

Go in PBI Desktop > Home, and click on the Refresh.


For instance : 

You have the AgeLimit paramater in PBI Query Editor. Its value is 80.

When you go to PBI Desktop, if you show the parameter in the report, the value is 80.

You want to modify the AgeLimit parameter from 80 to 85.

You change the value in PBI Query Editor. If you look in PBI Desktop and in PBI Service, the value is still at 80.

Now, in PBI Desktop, click on Home > Refresh.

Thenceforth, the value in PBI Desktop will be updated to 85.

You only have to publish the report to update the value in Power BI Service.


Then, Power BI do not curiously update parameters by default. However, the updating is quite simple to do !



Hi @Romain_FOURNIER ,


the solution you suggests couldn't be the right one, because power bi desktop is a development tool and it isn't acceptable to do a deploy every time a parameter value is changed in a report


@v-lili6-msft any news from Power BI Team about this issue?


Hi Luca, 


I agree with you: Microsoft must give a more appropriate way to refresh parameters easier.

I gave a palliative to temporarily unblock people until a lasting solution is delivered.



I totally agree. Cannot use power bi desktop as a work around, as the users should be able to run the report as per their requirements, ie pass the parameters. 

hopefully Microsoft sorts out soon. I am running a debtors aging report as as at 31Aug 2019, which I pad as a parameter, but the title still displays the wrong date, as at a previous parameter, which misleads 15 users. Why this problem remains unsorted over months now, I wonder.

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Same problem for me, 


I use API requests for get data on my report. In Power BI Desktop it works perfect. But when i upload on power bi for share the report the data don't get any update when i change the datas in the API. 


What is the status of this problem ? 

Same Problem here.

Something new of this issue?

Regular Visitor

What's the status ? I have the same problem !


Power BI Deskop works fine ... Power Bi Online NOTOK !

Frequent Visitor

The only workaround I was able to find to get the parameter tile to update with the new value was to go to the Fields Pane, right click on the parameter, and click refresh data. The only problem with this is the data would refresh twice (Once to apply data and another to refresh parameter tile). 


Frequent Visitor

I'm having the same issues as described above. My parameter tile will not update with the new value despite the data updating.

Community Support
Community Support

hi, @laciodrom_80

After my research, It works well.

and for the cache problem, after you change my parameter value, you need to refresh the dataset first, then refresh the report again.

Then it will work well.

for example:

In my report, when parameter value is 6, and the report is 

21.JPGresult is 31result is 31

Then I change my parameter value to 4 refresh the dataset



Then refresh the report again.




Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Lin
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Hi @v-lili6-msft,


thanks for your suggestion but, if I've not misunderstood, in your report you are displaying the result of the query (initially 20 and then after refresh, 31), while I'm trying to display the parameters's value: so, in your case, you should try to display in your report the value 4 and then, after having refreshed the dataset and the report, you should be able to see value 6.


I've made exactly what you do "you need to refresh the dataset first, then refresh the report again" but I don't see the new parameter value displayed but always the old one Smiley Sad


Best Regards


hi, @laciodrom_80

I will explain to you according to my report.

For example:

This is my basic data


and I create a parameter and use it to filter data that is less than or equal to this parameter.



And in my simple report.

I just create a measure and drag it into card visual.


Measure = CALCULATE(SUM(Table1[Qty]))



 When i set parameter is 6, now the result is sum all ID is less than or equal to 6 

and It is 11+2+3+4+5+6=31.

Then I change the parameter  to 4 and refresh it, now the result is sum all ID is less than or equal to 4

and It is 11+2+3+4=20

It works well.


Now I publish this report to service:


In the dataset setting, the parameter is 4 and the result is 20 in the report.


Then I change the parameter to 6, Apply and refresh dataset first.


and then refresh the report.

before refresh reportbefore refresh reportafter refresh reportafter refresh report


Best Regards,





Community Support Team _ Lin
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

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