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swoolley Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Query editor showing different rows to the table after merging

Situation: I have two tables both containing different data regarding 3 Identity columns.


I have merged them and formatted the result to my liking then applied the resulting table.


When I then view this new merged table via the data tab it shows more rows that what were shown in the query editor, these additional rows dont have the formatting that I had applied but do seem to be related to one or other of the original tables.


Is there anyway I can see these additional rows or ensure that they pick up the formatting that I need for my visuals to work?


pqian Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Query editor showing different rows to the table after merging

As of now there is a maximum number of cells that can be displayed in the queries editor. We are working to lift this restrictions in the future.


Fow now, you have a few workarounds as options:


1. You can use the queries editor side by side to the data grid. If you see the anomaly in the data view, you can formalize a plan to fix them and then apply the fix in the queries editor.


2. You can skip top x rows in the queries editor by clicking on the table menu on the top left corner of the table. This generates a step which you can later delete when you are done.