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Quarter to Date last Year

OK, so I have tried many of the DAX formulas.....PARRALLELPERIOD...SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR


What I can't figure out is the proper syntax.  I need to show the TOTAL of the same Quarter from last year.  I thought it would be easy.

The above do not bring JUST the equivalent of the current period.  It brings all periods for the year.  I can't figure out how to filter JUST the current period number from the last year.

I can write some dataadd formulas I guess....but it should be simpler

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Memorable Member

I just went and played w/ Northwind... and I at least kinda expected the last measure to "act weird", but ya know... it all kinda "just works" for me.


Total Sales:=SUMX('order-details', 'order-details'[Quantity] * 'order-details'[UnitPrice])

Sales QTD:=CALCULATE([Total Sales], DATESQTD(Dates[Date]))



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So, this is similar results that I was getting with over formulas.

I am currently in Qtr 2....I want the Total of Qtr 2 from Last Year.

If I use what you have here:

newprevyrqtractual = CALCULATE([QTD Actual],SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR('Date'[Date]))

The results are NOT what I want.

I returns a value...for ALL dates...and the value is not near what I expect.

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Okay, I suspect I understand your problem.  Can you try putting your measure in a table/matrix with Year & Qtr ?  I suspect it will work just fine... *if* you are specifiying the year/qtr in the context.


I suspect you are saying "cool story bro... but I only care about the current quarter to date" (and the prior years, current quarter to date) ?

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