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Product combination per customer

Hi guys


I'm struggling here, any help is welcome!
I'm looking to generate a calculated column for each costumer in tabel Dim_Klant that tells me which products are in his contract at the end of any period. These are rental contracts, so the time aspect is important for my visual. I want to track how the product combinations developed over time.

I've created a table for each product that was active at which date.. that's the middle table named [historisch actief]. It's linked to my calendar table by each date that a product in a contract was active.



So now im trying to get a list per costumer in Dim_Klant of the active products that he was renting at the end of any period. I've tried this formula but it says i don't have enough internal memory to perform the calculation.



PMC = 

VAR tabelproducten =
    CALCULATETABLE( VALUES( Dim_Product[Family] ) ,
    FILTER( Fact_CR_historisch_actief, [Contractwaarde einde periode] > 0)
    ", ",




The "contractwaarde einde periode" measure is as follows:




Contractwaarde einde periode = 

var __maxPeriod = MAXX( VALUES( Kalalalender[Date] ) , Kalalalender[Date] )

var resultaat = 
    SUM( Fact_CR_historisch_actief[Aantal_Prijs__c] ),
    Kalalalender[Date] = __maxPeriod

IF( resultaat = 0,0,resultaat)




Is there any other way to do this so my PC has enough memory, or what should i do?


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@selimovd can you help me out with this one?

Hey @Bertverderrie ,


it would be easier if you could share the file. Is that possible?


Be aware when you do this as a calculated column, the values are fixed. So calculated columns won't change when you change a slicer. As the table Dim_Klant doesn't contain any date rows, this solution with the calculated column in Dim_Klant won't work.


So I think you should in the report create a matrix with the customer and date on the rows and as a measure you count the amount of data available.

Something like this:

myMeasure =
    COUNTROWS( Fact_CR_historisch_actief ),
    Fact_CR_historisch_actief[Contractwaarde einde periode] > 0


But again, I can just guess as I don't see the data model and also the result is not totally clear for me.


If you need any help please let me know.
If I answered your question I would be happy if you could mark my post as a solution ✔️ and give it a thumbs up 👍
Best regards


Did you manage to crack it?

Hey @Bertverderrie ,


I don't really see why you want to do a measure or calculated column.

You can solve that with slicers and a matrix.


You can filter for the date, product family and see which customer has which amount of specific products at the given time:



If you need any help please let me know.
If I answered your question I would be happy if you could mark my post as a solution ✔️ and give it a thumbs up 👍
Best regards


Hi @selimovd ,

Maybe I can show you why,
I've added the desired column to the sample excel..
I want to track the amount of clients that were under contract with a certain combination of products at any time. In order to get a visual looking something like this

Sample file here 


(im aware this visual shows only the number of products, not unique customers but you get the idea)

@Bertverderrie  "sorry, this download link no longer exists :("

@selimovd thanks for the quick response!


I've replicated a sample dataset for the relevant tables. Is this enough for you? 

I do need a column because i need to track the amount of clients that had a certain combination of products at any given period. I do see now why i cannot do that in the Dim_Klant table because it has no dates, thanks for that! I've tried to put the column in table Historisch_actief but i can't seem to get it to work..

The desired result in this sample is that i can put together a visual that says that on january 4th, 1 customer had active contracts for all 3 product families, and 2 customers had active contracts for only Furniture.

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