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LeonardoVega Frequent Visitor
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Problems with SSAS Live Connection

Good Morning.
I have several problems with power bi desktop.
1.- I can't connect to a server using a vpn. The customer gave me a vpn to connect to your database. The problem is that I can't connect to the SQL Server Analysis Services database.
It says the server name is incorrect. The only way I can connect to SSAS is by using the runas command in cmd to run the program with the domain and the server administrator.

manchester runas.png

I need to find a way to connect to the VPN without the need to use cmd commands.


2.- Once connected to SSAS in live connection mode, I cannot customize the reports.


I need create a measure and column in the report but most of the features of power bi are not enabled.
I have the need to specify roles in the roles manage to end users.
I need help solving these problems.

These two problems are from the same report.
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you so much.

Super User
Super User

Re: Problems with SSAS Live Connection



I am not sure about the VPN bit, but if you are using an SSAS database in live connetion mode in power bi you will not be able to create measures, etc.  When you use SSAS all you can really do is create visuals because its expected that the data is fully modelling the way you want it.  If you need to enhance the model use Import mode.


If have flexibilty you can set up the roles in SSAS in live mode, if you import though you can use Row Level Security to manage roles.

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sbatabyal Frequent Visitor
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Re: Problems with SSAS Live Connection

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. I have a question based on your revert. Without any measure group, how can we process the cube first? I had a word with Microsoft team, they informed us after 2 days validation, the problem arises from SSAS server, not BI. You need to contact ssas team.


If the same cube process using import mode then its publish and visible in the live BI server without any disturbance. Can anyone there to give us the proper way to publish the online cube.