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Problems with Filled Map not filling all States

I have been trying to work with a filled map and am unable to get it to properly fill all US states and Canadian provinces


I have a column that is the 2 letter state abbreviation. If I set this to data category state/province and map my locations, most of them are mapped, but some states are simply empty.

map by state code.JPG

If I change the data category of the state column to place, then the map is more complete, but gives me an error saying I don't have enough information. Some states are still missing completely, and some of the states that were previously filled are now empty.

map by state code as place.JPG

If I concatenate together 2 letter state code and 3 letter country code and set that new column as a place I get this map, still incomplete. Also still with the error of not enough information to by state and country.JPG

If I switch to a normal map, everything looks correct when the state column is set to state/province data category. However this map is less visually appealling and I would prefer to be able to use the filled one if possible.

map by state code normal.JPG

Any tips on what the problem might be?

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I have the same issue with Alabama and I can see data in the background, but it just won't show on a filled map. Is there anyone know how to solve this problem?

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Hi Sienna:

  I posted a solution in a seperate thread:


Re: Filled Map won't fill a US state

 [ Edited ] 

I have a kludgy solution to this problem. It involves creating a new column in the table with the following formula:


US_States = IF('TableName'[AddressState]="LA","Louisiana,USA",'TableName'[AddressState]&",USA").


What this does is add a ",USA" suffix to each state abbreviation, and if the state="LA", spell out the state to "Louisiana, USA"- this is because Bing maps would otherwise plot LA as "Los Angeles" (good grief!).


You must set the new column of "US_States to a data category of "Place"


Hope someone else can benefit from this post

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Thank you so much!

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I am having  a similar issue as the original poster.

Would appreciate any pointers to correct this issue.


I am trying to create a filled map visual to show:

a) Count of Providers in the State (this count also controls the color saturation on the map)

b) Count of Networks in the State


The data is setup like this:

AddressState,   Network Count,  Provider Count


UT                         3                          183

IL                         15                        1,235



The map fills correctly, except for the state of Utah, 

If I create a "Table" visual with the same data,

the counts for Utah show up correctly (so I know it is not a data or calculation issue).


I have set the "AddressState" field in Power BI Modeling to a Data Category of "State or Province"



Screen shot of the map with UTAH not filled in. 



Screen shot of Table visual with the correct calculations for UT and IL:



Hi @dclifton,

>>If I concatenate together 2 letter state code and 3 letter country code and set that new column as a place I get this map, still incomplete.

When you create the new column, don't set the Date Category, select it as location field. And check if it works fine. If it is still not resolved, do you mind share your sample data for further analysis. Besides, I post some article which is helpful to display data in map

Tips and Tricks for Power BI Map visualizations.
How-To: Display 2-letter country data on a Power BI map


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