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Helper I
Helper I

Prevent Filter reset when clicking into table

I've 2 visuals in my PowerBI Report page: a table and an image grid (btw this is a cool thing!:)
Clicking on image grid filters the table and shows me the desired informations.
I only want to have this 'uni-directional', I configured the Interaction between that 2 visuals accordingly.
I can work with the filtered table like scolling, sorting acc. to column, clicking on some links, etc...
So far so good.
But Problem is: clicking on any item/cell (except cells with URL symbol included) in the table resets the filter and the whole table is shown.
Is there a way to prevent this and keep that table somehow 'static' ?
I want to control the table only by the image grid, it should only work as a informational block (with the features mentioned above)

Helper III
Helper III

I have the same issue. Have you discovered a way to prevent filtering apart from pressing Ctrl+Click (which is something I'm sure users won't do)? 😞

Super User IV
Super User IV

@Catrice ,The information you have provided is not making the problem clear to me. Can you please explain with an example.

If you right-click use include the filter will remain unless you remove
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Here's a movie that shows my problem:

I don't want that the filter is reset when I click somewhere in the table!

Hope it makes it clear.


Hi @Catrice ,


The link you shared is not public,pls share us a public link.


Annotation 2020-06-18 104100.png


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Hi @Catrice ,


Press "ctrl"+seletion to make multiple selections.

Here is the reference.


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I try to fomulate my problem again:
My table visual is filtered by interaction via another visual.
The question is:
How to prevent to reset the filter in my table when clicking into it ?

My video show the whole solution, the relevant sequence is in second 25-30:
I DON'T WANT what happens here.

The background reason is of my request is: I want to provide the BI solution to some 'dummy users'. These users should only do interactions with the first visual (image grid) and see the results in 2nd visual (the table!). But I'm pretty sure that some users will somehow unintentionally click into this table  - but then the filter is lost and they may be confused.
This is what I want to avoid.
greets Catrice

any more idea ? Did I formulate it clearly ?

It was very clear to me.  I am having the same issue... please let me know if you have figured out a solution.


I am currently working on trying to base a filter on a Measure, so when you select something with another visual (like your image grid)  it sets the filter on the table, then it would prevent the problem we are both facing.  Because as I see it, selecting anything in the table right now resets the page filters, however if I filter the table, then it ONLY lets me click on those items in the table... but I can't find a way to dynamically filter the table so far which might solve this problem...

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