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mhutchens81 Frequent Visitor
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PowerBI & DAX: Event log analysis

I am using PowerBI to report on Incident and Request ticket data from an ITSM tool. Those tickets generate event logs as they are managed throughout their lifecycle. I'd like to be able to look through ticket activity logs and string event dates\times together to tell a particular story, using PowerBI. For example, using the example below, I'd like to be able to create a report that says "show me a list of all tickets that have had an SLA Failure event while they were assigned to Group B.

I think this would entail the comparison of three events:

1) Identifying tickets that had been transferred to Group B
2) Identifying tickets that had an SLA Failure event after #1
3) Filtering out tickets that were transferred to Group C before #2

Ideally if such a report could be created, it would be flexible enough for me to choose events via dropdown boxes or search parameters so that the report could be used by many people for many different scenarios (e.g. "show me a list of all tickets that were updated by Analyst 2 while not assigned to Group A), but I’ll take what I can get really 😉

Any help or tips on this would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy


Even log example