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natelpeterson Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Power Bi Filters

You're welcome. Thinking a bit more about this. The solution will work, but I don't think it's the most elegant way. 

You're talking about expected statuses that don't actually exist. But actually, you know what the statuses will be, right?


You can add another table, with the list of expected statuses.

Then create a Relationship between this table and your current table. That relationship will cause the existing table to be filtered by the new.


Create the following visual to show all statuses:

1.  Table visual with the Status from the new table, and the Count of Status measure.

2. Right-click the Status field, and click "Show items with no data". 


Each row in the table is a status - since the new table filters the existing, the existing table is limited to only the rows with that status.

shere100 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Power Bi Filters

Perfect, thanks for the awesome advice.