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Power BI publisher for Excel, date tables generated

Didn't know what other forum to post this in. I'm trying out Power BI publisher for Excel ( and I'm getting strange results.


When I connect to a dataset or report, I get the relevant tables but also a large amount of extra tables called "LocalDateTable" along with an what I presume is an identifying code (for example "LocalDateTable_22af143-4a4a-356a-bbb4-43ab535b6aa"). It looks like it's creating a datetable for every datecolumn in the dataset. This would be fine if they were labled in a way that would make it clear which column they refer to. I tried slicing the data with the dates and they do work, it's just that there is no way of knowing what date is being used (for example, could be a sales date or the date an employee was hired).


blocked the codes since I don't know what they are.


Anyone know how to either make them (the tables) disappear or make them automatically name themselves according to the column they reference? I tried creating my own date tables and reuploading/reconnecting but they are still generated.


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Re: Power BI publisher for Excel, date tables generated



What's the data source you connecting to? I have never encountered this issue. It just retrieve the relevant tables only when I "Connect to Data" in Power BI Publisher for Excel.

hammerblue Regular Visitor
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Re: Power BI publisher for Excel, date tables generated

Mysql, but the datasource in this case is a powerbi dataset so it shouldn't make a difference.. I didn't have these issues in the beginning, but then i made a special report just for connecting through PBI publisher and now I get the date tables.