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Power BI poor performance in bootcamp

Hi everyone. First of all, I'm sorry if this is not place to ask that and that being the case will be grateful if you tell me where it is.

I have a Mac with a bootcamp partition with windows 10 installed where I use basically Office 365 and Power BI desktop. The Power BI is painfully slow and it happens with no other app. Does anybody use a similar setup and has gone through it? Any ideas on what the problem can be?


Thank you in advance!

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Yesterday i installed the latest Windows 10 available update and the performace has got much better. Thank you!

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Hello and thank you for your reply!


Yes, I installed the 64bit version of Windows, Office 365 and Power BI. But since it doesn't hurt to try, i'll reinstall Power BI and will post the results.

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I have been using PowerBi on Mac using Windows installation on Bootcamp since 2017. The performance was flawless and never had any issue and I don't think there is any such difference between native installation and Bootcamp installation of Windows as far as Power BI or in fact any other app. Recently I had to replace my Mac and I switched over to the Thinkpad T series only because the recent Macs do not have physical function keys and have a touch bar in its place which is not convenient for my speed because most of my shortcuts involve function keys and they are in my muscle memory. A touch bar won't work for me. But performance, speed as well as the pleasure of working is better with Mac in my opinion. 


Having said that, I can think about only one reason. When using Windows on Bootcamp, I was using a 64bit OS and 64bit installer of PowerBI which I specifically downloaded by going into advanced options in the PowerBI desktop download page. I don't know much about the hardware, but I have heard that, if you install a 32bit version of MS Office, PowerBI desktop or any other software, the amount of RAM it can use is limited to 2GB or something like that even if you have 8GB or 16GB of RAM available in your system. This could be a problem. If you have not already done so, please try installing 64bit of OS and 64bit of PowerBI and other software. There is some difference between 32bit and 64bit installations in terms of the memory these applications can use natively.







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