• Hi Everyone,

    I am new to Power BI.
    I had created reports with 'Import' options. Now reports are completed and published. But now we want to switch from 'Import' to 'Live' (DirectQuery). But power Bi doesn't allow it. I tried the below workaround for that.

    But the challenge is, It is not recognizing any of the field. Because initially when I created the reports, the Table names were 'T2' and 'T3' after that the tables names got changed in database. So I used Navigation option and pointed to new tables instead of creating new tables. So 'T2' and 'T3' became 'V_Scrm_LOA' and 'V_LOA_Measures' respectively. but all measures and fields remain as T[field] and T3[field]. But now when I tried the above option mentioned in the link, it is not recognizing any of the field because now all fields become v_scrm_LOA[field] and V_LOA_measures[field].
    Is there any way so that I can get all fields again? Please find the attached error.Capture.PNG