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Resolver I
Resolver I

Power BI Service keeps forgetting my data's credentials

I'll go through how this process goes with the way my company set up the files: 


1. we have power bi desktop files in which they are connected to an SQL server and also multiple excel files connected via one drive

-- note when connecting excel sheets to onedrive I used the "WEB" get data selection and use organizational accounts

2. When we push this desktop file to the service via publishing everything works fine

3. When I set up automated refreshes of the data all goes well - I select on-prem gateway for the SQL server and also edit the credentials for the web sources of the excel files. When I edit the credentials of the excel web files I select "OAUTH2" and sign in under my organization. 


4. When it is time for this dataset to refresh it always fails. Please see the image below.


Everyday it fails and I am having to click the edit credentials and reselect OAUTH2 and sign in.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, I've read through all of PBI's documentation and am left really confused as to what I am doing wrong. 



This is the error message from the picture above: 

Data source error:Scheduled refresh has been disabled due to at least one data source not having credentials provided. Please provide credentials for all data sources, and then turn scheduled refresh back on.
Activity ID:910f4e56-3ca7-47da-9422-7b0dc45923e6
Request ID:ac3c74ec-9ec3-4c06-bf1f-c85e065bd4af
Time:2018-04-21 17:31:01Z
Community Support
Community Support

Re: Power BI Service keeps forgetting my data's credentials


Currently, when we configure schedule refresh with gateway for multiple data sources including data sources on premise and online, schedule refresh sometimes can’t run stably.

I am consulting with PG how to fix this problem and will come back to tell you.



Best Regards


Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: Power BI Service keeps forgetting my data's credentials

Thanks so much Maggie. A day or 2 after I posted this the refreshes actually ran stably, but still every once in  a while I have to go in and reset the credentials to run properly.

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