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Power BI September 2018 release

Could i know of version 2.62 of Power BI desktop for September 2018 will be released on time, just as last month. 

Can i know if there are any possible delays in release time so to plan ahead.

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Continued Contributor
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Advocate II

Looks like the September update is now on the download page: 2.62.5222.601


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @VarunPowerBI

You could always find the lastest release on this official site

You can also check here to verify you are using the latest version.

What's new in the latest Power BI Desktop update?


Additionally, after reviewing lots of update dates over the past periods, i seems there is no fixed date of updating.



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We are part September 1st week and still no signs of Power BI upgrade. Why can't Microsoft maintain consistency in Product releases and ensure version upgrades happen on time?

This just leads to difficulties in companies where there are streamlined change process for Product upgrades.

I'd rather it be late than broken with a continuous release cycle. If there is a known issue I'd much rather wait a few more days. Most would. 


Is there anything specific in the September upgrade that you need @VarunPowerBI

@camronwilkins We are looking for Direct Query option for MySQL database. It is in the Septemeber 2018 release list ?






While PowerBI doesn't support Direct Query for MySQL, you can use workaround. Though I wouldn't recommend it for large data set.



1. Set up MSSQL (Standard or better is preferred but you can get away with Express) 2012 or later

2. This can be set up in Gateway server or another server that Gateway server can communicate with.

3. Set up Linked Server to MySQL using ODBC driver

4. Bring in data as View/Table using OPENQUERY() from MySQL to MSSQL

5. Set up Direct Query to MSSQL View/Table


Also, I'm not familiar with the process but looks like you should be able to create custom connector to enable DirectQuery via ODBC driver.

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I am testing the PDF Import/Connector & have already found minor issues. Who/How/Where do I report?


IN BRIEF - I have "sample data" G/L Ledger 51 pages. PBI is not bringing in column headers which is not a big deal, but in skipping the headers it is merging any data where there is only 1 space between columns. EXAMPLE: PERIOD SOURCE of 1 PJ became 1PJ & ACCOUNT_NUM ACCOUNT_DESC of 21200 TRADE COLLECTORS became 21200TRADE COLLECTORS - these 2 are easy enough to "split columns" to fix.

HOWEVER, AMOUNT DESCRIPTION were also merged so instead of -409.09 Pre-conversion purchase, I have -409.09Pre-conversion purchase. There is not a decimal in every amount & the amount total digits can vary. While it is highly unlikely that our company will connect to PDFs on a regular basis, we feel that this is an important feature.

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