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Helper I

Power BI Report Builder (newbie)

Hello, i'm tasked with learning how to produce a report with the report builder. However, I'm finding it awfully confusing. 


I'm trying to start by adding client address to the top of the page. 



However when I hit run, nothing shows apart from the title. Why is nothing showing and how do I get it so that I can show a client's address details? I have connected to my datasource which has a client ID and address details. I'm not sure how to show these details on the report. 

Thnks for any advice or help!

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @AndrewDavies437 

Have you connected your dataset after connecting your datasource?

Once you have connected your dataset in the left hand pane, you can drag your columns of data on to the report.











Kind regards,
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Thanks for the reply. Yes i have made a dataset after making my datasource. I can't see why the data wouldn't show in the boxes. It doesn't seem as easy as drag and drop as when I hit "run" nothing shows.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @AndrewDavies437 

Where is your datasource coming from? is it Excel, PBI etc? 

When you are creating a new dataset make sure you are selecting the correct data source and also it is worth click the Query Designer button. Here you can check to make sure that your dataset is actually pulling data through.





















Please let me know if your dataset is pulling through data correctly.



My data is definitely pulling through. I've been using the query designer and my query is validated. 


So my data has many clients, each with a long line address 1 2 and 3. How do i tell it to pick up a specific client's data and show it on the screen?



When i click run curently it shows nothing apart from the header "Statement".


I tried creating a parameter and putting that in my query for "client id" but it complains about a circular reference. 

All i want to do at this stage is pick a client ID and show their address details on the page. 


Thanks for any help.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @AndrewDavies437 

There is a couple of thing you could try here.

  1. Under insert click the table dropdown and select table wizard -> drag the contactname in the values area first then drag the address columns -> click next both time and see if this outputs a result.
  2. If that doesn't work you could try adding a parameter for the contactname to do this, right click on the parameters folder -> new parameter -> name the prompt anything you want -> make sure the datatype is text (for contact names) and then hit next. Next right click on your client_address_details dataset and click dataset properties. Go to the filters pane and add a new filter like this:





The value is your paramaters prompt name. 

When you run the report now, you should be prompt to input a contact name.

Please let me know if this still does not resolve your issue.

Post Patron
Post Patron

  1. Do you have PBI Desktop or PBI Service? 
  2. What is this run button? I've never heard of it in PBI. 

This is neither desktop or service, this is "Report Builder" which is a seperate power bi application

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