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Power BI Not Showing Calculations for Unmatched Records

I have been trying to combine two reports in a one to many relationship for our HR department.  One report is a list of open positions (FulfillmentStatus one side) and the other is a list of job requisitions (FISReqStatus many side) that have been opened to fill the postions.  I created a bridge table between both reports and have setup a connection across both tables. 


We want to be able to show in one view all relevant stats from the two reports even when there are no job reqs yet opened.  Other than job requestor, contact profile, and source; the only statistic coming from the open positions is the quantity requested.  All other stats come from the job requisitions, i.e. total applicatins, count of req ids, etc.  I have set it to show items with no data and I am getting exactly what they want with the exception of quantity requested column that wont show any data for positions that have no matching job reqs. 


See below, If I add the Req ID quantity requested disappears for these records, yet the correct total of 233 is still shown.  When I filter to just records with a matching Req ID everything looks fine.  Likewise if I remove the Req ID and filter on only records with no matching Req ID things again look fine, but the moment I add the Req ID the quantity requested dissapears for those unmatched records.  Am I missing something here?


Calculation Issue'.jpg


Calculation Issue Data Model.JPG



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Super User II

Hi @furstukin ,


The reason why the QuantityRequested disappears at the moment you add REQ ID column is -

In your FIRREQSTATUS table, there are only blank values for TechOpsRequestID column. So basically it's empty for this column. See below:


Therefore you see blanks in your table visual.


I think it's worth checking the data and cleaning it.


Also a workaround for your issue would be as follows:

I modified the data model as follows:

I created relationship in the 2 tables on "TechOpsRequestID" column.



Create a measure as follows:

QantityRequestedMeasure = SUM(FullfillmentStatus[Quantity])+0 (as suggested by @dedelman_clng )


 Then move this measure on your table visual:



Hope this helps.




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Hi @furstukin 


Try adding "+0" to the end of your measure that is counting the open reqs. If that doesn't work, please share your measure code and/or a sample PBIX.


Hope this helps



P.S. - A one-to-many relationship shouldn't need a bridge table - those are generally needed for resolving many-to-many.

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I actually have not been using measures as they have been causing odd issues with these data sets.  Either they match every Req with every open position or they just never update when they are added to the table grid.  I did create a measure to test your idea, but it again wont update, unless I add it to the table grid then edit the formula, but once I got it to update I still had the same issue.  What I have been doing is creating calculated columns in the positions table to capture all relevant stats from the Req table, which also allows me to show the blanks as a 0 instead.  I have also created a sample version of my PBI report with no sensitive data, but not sure how to share it with you as there is no option to add an attachment here that I can see.


As for the bridge it was a request from my boss who wants me to use Power BI to create normalized models until we get the data into a SQL environment. 


For sharing the report, the method is to save the pbix somewhere (OneDrive, etc) and share the link.


Measure are generally best practice for complex calculations that might need to change upon a filter change; calculated columns only change value when the data is refreshed. If you have some of your measure code in the shared file, we can look at it to see where the coding might be flawed.

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Yeah I generally prefer a measure and am fully aware of the reasons to use them over calculated columns, this particular report is just giving me all kinds of issues I have never run into/been able to solve before.  Some examples of the measures I created still exist in this file so if you can figure out the reason measures are not behaving correctly as well that would be great.  However my company does not allow us to share file from OneDrive with anyone that has the link so not sure you will be able to even request access to the file, but here is the link it.  Sample PBI.  If this doesn't work maybe i can try to mail it to myself then share it from my OneDrive 


I could not access your link, so please try another method of sharing.

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Ok I added it to my personal OneDrive and made it available to all with the link so this should work for you.


Sample Power BI Report


Something on your one drive is blocking me from getting there. I've tried on a personal computer as well to eliminate it being my company firewalls.  It is asking me to log in after I click the link.

Proud to be a Super User!


Not sure what other would block it.  I went to the file chose the OneDrive share and selected make available to anyone with the link.  Any other suggestions for sharing the file?


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