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nkasdali Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Power BI Memory consumption

Hi All,


I am trying to understand how the PBI service manages memory.
For this, assuming we have a dataset of 1GB, and it is used by 20 people.
I know that with QLIK, once the dataset is in memory after the first use, the other users will consume 10% (of the dataset) of the memory in addition, so we will have:
1GB (First user)+ 19 (Other Users) * (10Gb * 10%) = 2.9GB of memory.

Is this the same for Power BI?



ibarrau Established Member
Established Member

Re: Power BI Memory consumption

Hi. I think you haven't read the power bi limitation. You can't publish or refresh a dataset of 1gb or more. You should summarize de dataset or divide it in two in order to success this. Another limitation you should know is a 2 hours response to shedule refresh, if your dataset is slow and query in more time, you won't be able to refresh it.


You can't see the memory usage on service. It shouldn't be a problem.