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Power BI Embedded Costs for clients, how can we charge?

We are looking at the possibilities to integrate power bi embedded in a cloud Application. We don't know how many sessions will be used by our clients so we should make some assumptions. In the end, we need to charge the costs for each client that is using power bi. We can charge the sessions the client uses if we can measure this or by an average usage so a fixed price. We have some questions about the power bi embedded service and pricing.


- How can we monitor how many sessions are used for the month? Can we see this realtime via azure?

- We want to charge the usage directly to the clients that are using power bi, how can we separate the clients? Is it possible to create multiple workspaces and reports per client to separate usage by client. Do we also need to create a report for each client/workspace? IT would be nice to create generic report that can be used by all clients.

- is it only possible to embed power bi reports or also dashboards?

- power bi is charged by session. When a user opens a dashboard (if possible) and he clicks on a tile, he jumps to the underlying report. Is this one session or two session?



Thanks by making things clear. 

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Re: Power BI Embedded Costs for clients, how can we charge?

You can see burn rate and cost within your Azure subscription in the Azure portal.


I haven't seen this directly, but I would think the logical breakdown would be by workspace collection. If you segment your clients by workspace collections, you should be ok. You'll want to review that to make sure that is how it works. Or, if someone that has observed the billing can comment that would be great as well.


You can embed reports and visuals/tiles. Not dashboards.


Typically a session is defined as anything viewed within that browsing session. Hopefully this will be doc'd and explained when the new model hits in September.



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Re: Power BI Embedded Costs for clients, how can we charge?

You can monitor in Azure. You can also add telemetry to your own page to track who is seeing what. Power BI Embedded only lets you embed dashboards at the moment.