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Power BI Desktop MySQL connector

Hi all,

I'm trying tot establish a connection to a MySQL database. Both PBI and MySQL are installed on the local machine.

Upon connection to the database, I get an error mentioning a missing system variable named 'lower_case_table_names'.

Research points me towards the MySQL version.

I still have to use an outdated MySQL instance due to software incompatibility.


Can someone please share ideas on how to connect to a MySQL version 5.0?

Super User
Super User

here's an intriguing workaround


I couldn't find any point about the minimum version but I would think that the MySQL Community Installer (currently version 8.0.21) would allow you to connect to your legacy database as well?

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Hi Ibendlin,

Thanks for your reply.
I'll give the SQL Native Client a try.


What I can confirm, is that the MySQL Community Installer 8.0.21 is not working at all.

I've tried several versions, not one is working.

I've analyzed the returned error message using WireShark, and I was able to get some more information.
Apparently, at some point, MySQL has altered their routine to authenticate against the database, which is causing this connection to fail. My guess is that the MySQL Community Installers only use the new method, and the old authentication method (as used by MySQL 5.0 and below) is ignored.

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Good afternoon DIMBACKA.

I hope you are well.


Did you manage to connect your data in the end?

I am also facing the same error mentioning a missing system variable named 'lower_case_table_names'. (MySQL V5.0 User as well)

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Hi LukeJWest24,
Unfortunately not, at least not with a direct connection.
I ended up using an ODBC connection, which eventually gets the data into Power BI, but I must say this is not the ideal situation.


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