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Power BI- Convert SQL query to power bi

Basically i have to do on the power bi the same as the query that i do below.


selecT [Artigo] ,avg([uster]) AvgUster from (
          selecT *, Rank()
          over (Partition BY Artigo
          order by artigo asc, data desc) AS Rank_
FROM [Mundifios_DW].[dbo].[FACT_Laboratorios] b
where Fornecedor = '0013' --- Condições da query
) rs
where RANK_ <=5
group by [Artigo]

I cannot understand the steps that i have to do to sucefully do that query on the power bi report that im doing. Can you please help me?


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Re: Power BI- Convert SQL query to power bi

When you connect to your SQL database in the Query Editor, use "Advanced" and just paste in your SQL.

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Re: Power BI- Convert SQL query to power bi

Hi @BernardoPedroso,


You can create a calculated table in Power BI with below similar DAX formula:

New table =
VAR TOP5table =
    TOPN (
        FILTER ( FACT_Laboratorios, FACT_Laboratorios[Fornecedor] = "0013" ),
        FACT_Laboratorios[artigo], ASC,
        FACT_Laboratorios[data], DESC
        "AvgUster", AVERAGEX ( CURRENTGROUP (), [uster] )


Nested grouping using GROUPBY VS SUMMARIZE


For more advice, please refer to this link to provide necessary sample data and expected result which can achieved by above SQL code.


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