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helenah Regular Visitor
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Postal code areas on map



I have postal code area information on several countries and I cannot seem to find a common way to map it in Maps. For example, Germany postal codes with two digits ( or UK post codes with two letters ( For France, I was able to do this with format "FR, 66" and setting it as a County, However, same logic does not work for e.g. UK or Germany.


Is there any common way of showing the postcode area data on Bing map?

Is there any documentation on what levels of data Bing maps have per country (since it seems to differ)?

I have tried every possible format of 2-digit/letter zip code, country code and country name, in different orders, separated with comma or space, ... and selecting county, postal code, region, ... as data type.


Any help on the topic appreciated, even on single country level.




helenah Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Postal code areas on map

Update: For UK, it seems to work if I have same format as France (e.g. GB, AB) and set it as "Postal code".

However, a common way would be great since I don't know how to show global / Europe level data on one map if one country requires the data to be shown as "Postal code" and the other as "County"...

helenah Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Postal code areas on map

Another update - the above works for Map but not for Filled Map. Why is this?

Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: Postal code areas on map



I don't exactly know what cause the difference in your case, just share something I've found.

The abbreviation such as FR-U, DE-BE can be recognized in Map and Filled Map if they're categorized as "state or province".

So for the problem in your case, the cause can be that your data violates some kind of geographic standard?

NeossITAdmin Visitor

Re: Postal code areas on map

I found the best way to use this map was to use the lon and lan, it struggles every other way i've tried to use


Great Free Datasource below for Postcode data across globe.


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