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Helper III
Helper III

Pie Charts in Power BI, Dynamic "Other" Grouping

I am brand new to Power BI, but have extensive experience with Qlik Sense and Tableau.


I've hit my first major hurdle and would appreciate some help from everyone, after 5 hours or so my head is hitting the keyboard here!


My dataset consists of a single table, 37 columns and around 1M rows. The data comes in via an R Process and all of that works beautifully.


I have built a simple pie chart which is based on a customer category name (around 50 of these) with a sum of the sales to those customers.


The problem I have is that most of the categories contain small amounts of value and the chart is just a mess of 50 different colours and names when all I want to reflect is the top 6 or so and then a category of "others".


In Qlik Sense it's easy to just get the pie chart to display the Top N categories and dynamically drop the others into "Other", but this simple, seriously why the heck is it not here as a clickable button, concept seems to have escaped Microsoft and trawling through post after post all seems to indicate that I have to mess around with complex formulas (complex for someone brand new) and the creation of tables all jury-rigged together to achieve this simple task dynamically.


My thinking is that surely there has to be a simple way when just a single table of data is involved? Surely there is just some simple formula or something that can be applied that does not require all such a work around?


If, for some absolutely insane reason, there is no drop dead simple way to achieve what I want I could really use some help on how to achieve it. I have tried following countless other examples on posts here and none of them seem to work.


Should I need to create a new table it would be an aggregation of CustomerCategory by ActualPremium.

Super User
Super User

Thanks, that was the last page I looked at. But I also struggled to make that one work. I'm guessing there is sadly no simple way to achieve this then. Simply mind boggling that Microsoft would leave out something so obvious and standard on Qlik or Tableau.

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