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Pie Chart with Overlap

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Hi everyone - is it possible to do a pie chart that shows overlap with different colors?

Let me explain what I mean:

I have a table laid out like this:


ID# | Program 1 | Program 2 | Program 3  | Program 4 | Program 5


so for example, a single person might show up in my data like this:


#777 |  No | No | No | Yes | Yes


When it's just a measure of who's in Program 1, it's easy. The problem occurs when I'm trying to show in a graph who also belongs to program 2 AND program 3, etc.

Is there a way to just show the graph with overlapping areas? I don't know of a good graph to do this with.

It seems like there should be a way to combine the columns, but I can't for the life of me find it. Ideally, it would show "Program 4&5" as the listing for the person's programs.


This is probably about as clear as mud but any help would be appreciated.


It doesn't have to be a pie chart, but I need to be able to show % of total on some type of readable graph, without having to click down 'layers' of a pie chart.

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Re: Pie Chart with Overlap

Hi @breadearner


It seems you may use 'Unpivot columns' for the data. And then create measures to get the count of overlap ID (Count of program>=2). Then you may get the percent measure and use it in pie chart or treemap chart. Show a simplified sample file here. If it is not your case, please explain more about your expected output. 




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