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Helper II
Helper II

Pie Chart not filtering

Good afternoon!  I am working on a dataflow and I'm not sure why this won't work.... I have two tables: Company and EventType.

Company contains: CompanyName and Event Type contains: EventTypeName, PullarType, AssessmentType.


When I make a table with just the EventType columns it looks like this:


Then, when I add the CompanyName it looks like this:



I want to create a pie chart summing up the AssessmentType column (how many Bronze, Gold, Other, and Silvers).  

So, I make a pie chart and bring in the AssessmentType as the Legend and Values.  I also want to filter by ONE CompanyName (in this example I will use TMMWV).



When I do that though.... I don't get the right numbers.  I shold be getting 1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 other, and 3 silver.


Help!!  What am I doing wrong?

Super User
Super User


What result do you get when you drag this measure to the pie chart visual

Measure = distinctcount(Data[Pillartype])

Hope this helps. 

Ashish Mathur


This is what I get.... I need it to be the sum of the assessment types (so all of the bronze grouped together, all of the silver, all of the gold, and all of the other.)


Share the link from where i can download your PBI file.

Ashish Mathur
Resolver I
Resolver I

I would avoid using the page or visual based filters if at all possible, and instead focus on building a data model, connecting DIMs to FACTs and/or transforming your dataset and also writing DAX measures can render the data visual you need with slicers. 



How would I go about creating Measures to render the data visual I need?  Since I am using a dataflow, there are limited things I can do.  Thanks in advance!

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