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dapster105 Regular Visitor
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Parameters vs 184 copies of a report

I see lots of questions about parameters but I'm struggling to identify the right solution.


I have a project to publish some public data to the web for each of 184 countries.


I can build the report I want for a single country, and I can publish to web to share publicly. Great.


Now I want to do the same for the next 183 countries. Obviously it makes sense to use the same report and just pass in some parameter somehow to the url or some api which I can use in my report to filter results.


The documentation says I can't pass a paremeter in on the url when sharing publicly (publish to web).


But surely there is some way - I do not need to make 183 copies of the same report changing just one parameter and publish them all to web to get 184 different urls?


Using a slicer inside the report is not an option as the report itself needs to be shown in the context of some other information outside power bi.


I'm sure there must be a simple solution and I would be graetful if someone could point me in the right direction.


Thank you!

Abduvali Established Member
Established Member

Re: Parameters vs 184 copies of a report

Hi @dapster105,



Unfortunately, there is not much you can do when it comes to publish to web as its basically generates an HTML link

But you have 2 alternatives:

  1. If all your users have power bi license you can create Row Level Security with your report which will enable you to allow users only view specific information but the following will only be available with Power BI Web Service
  2. Is to use Drillthrough function with power bi
    1. So you will need to create a report with a title page and 2nd page with the containing table with Country names and users can pick their country right click on the country and select Drillthrough that will bring them to their report
    2. For more details see here:


Hope it helps.





dapster105 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Parameters vs 184 copies of a report

Hi Abduvali,


Thanks for your response.


1. This is information we want to publish openly - obviously requiring power bi licenses isn't feasible.


2. Drillthrough is not really an option for the same reason slicers aren't - there is lots of other contextual information outside the power bi report so  it would be very confusing to allow country selection / change inside the report.


I find it hard to believe that there is really no way to pass some kind of data through to a report at display time, either via the url or some api? This seems like a really basic requirement.