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Page Navigation

I have 10+ pages on my Desktop and would like to create a Home and from Home Page i would like to Create a Link to other pages

So if user click on a object in Home page they can directly go to the particular page 


this will help my user to skip navigating one by one manually 

hope there is a way to do this 

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Re: Page Navigation

That would be nice! Or at least if we can get a list of all pages when you right-click in the bottom left corner on number of Pages

Seriously doubt they'll do this though - they want us to use the service!!!

where the tiles in the dashboards take you to the different pages of the report


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Re: Page Navigation

This is really what the Dashboard was designed to do. You could always post this to Ideas.

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Re: Page Navigation

If there were only a  "group objects" or "select all" capability like other MS tools, it would be possible to build an array of buttons (image Reports Menu) which reference bookmarks (image  bookmarks).


Then the menu which can easily be built with buttons and bookmarks could be copied and pasted into each page.

Even better would be a popup or drop down button (image menu) that opened the menu to consume minimum real estate.


This has nought to do with the service, should be enabled everywhere. It is a much more effective solution than the bookmarks pane since you can customize look and feel, add sections, enable content to be navigated swiftly.