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tfernandes Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

PBI Desktop - Memory Overload (RAM)



I have two users of PBI Desktop here, both were using it on their own machines (8GB RAM), but after getting errors like "not enough memory" trying to Refresh, we decided to try a dedicated virtual machine with 32GB and later w/ 40GB RAM (running on vSphere).

Still getting the same error (sometimes it does refresh).


After that, I decided to try a new setup, now dedicating 105GB of RAM and creating a PerfMon report to see how much memory PBI will consume at the process. Here is the result:


PBI.pngIt's hitting 53GB on the average and peak of 70GB.


Does anyone have a base consuming this amount of memory? Or there's something wrong here?



Pfister Established Member
Established Member

Re: PBI Desktop - Memory Overload (RAM)

Hi @tfernandes

How big is the pbix file?

and have you allready checked the cache in the power bi desktop file?

Greetings Hp Pfister
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v-ljerr-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: PBI Desktop - Memory Overload (RAM)

Hi @tfernandes,


In addition, could you go to check which process is consuming the most RAM? If it's "Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container", could you try disabling 'Allow data preview to download in the background' under File > Options and Settings > Options > CURRENT FILE > Data Load to see if it works? Smiley Happy





ludovit8 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: PBI Desktop - Memory Overload (RAM)

I have huge problem with RAM just after total refresh of connected sql data.

Problem use maybe 6-8GB ram during common work. It is ok.


But after I click on refresh  (and 39 sql databases from the cloud starts refreshing at once) PBI desktop needs 41GB of RAM. If it has less, it annouces an error (low memory). And that is the problem. I dont want make single refresh of every database, I need one action for all refresh.


Can you help me ?