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One to Many Table Relationship

I am extremely new to Power BI so please bear with me. So assume I have 3 XML sheets (my initial data sources for Power BI) and 2 of them are as simple tables as follows:

Tables b and c

The tables b and c represents two of my XML files as stated above. File a is as follows:

|  Microsoft
|   +
|   +--->Windows 10
|   +--->Windows 7
| Google
|   +
|   +-->Chrome

Now here is my problem: In my datasets, I have just one Table a with the nested information and several Tables b, c, d etc. with mappings back to elements in Table a Like

Microsoft ----> Table b
Chrome ----> Table c 
Windows 10  ----> Table d 

How do I handle and realize the relationships this in BI? I am okay to change structure of File a if that helps.





If I'm understanding correctly there is more than one mapping required from different tables to one table, this itself should not be the issue. Although, if more than one mapping is required between both the tables, that can be an issue.


Can you please share the .pbix file or the .xml file for more data.

Feel free to reach me out at




Hi Saurabh, this is how my XML looks this. For Table A, the so called mother table:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Software Name = "Company Software">
  <HeadProduct Name = "Google">
  <HeadProduct Name = "Microsoft">
    <Product>Windows 10</Product>
    <Product>Windows 7</Product>

And the rest 2 tables are as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Please understand that at this stage of development I am ready to change the structure of the Table A, if the current XML structure is unfit for the purpose.



I think the two tables i.e. table A & B, should contain one more column for identifying the type of info for example it's a Mircosoft or Google in this case. Then these two tables can be merged into one table which then can me mapped to the first one. Although it will be a many to many relationship as the data is actually repeatative i.e. there is no direct mapping between both the tables.




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