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Helper I

On 100% stack column chart how to sort data descending

I have a 100% column stack visual as shown below, if you see the data on each column is not sorted descending(what I mean is 30.58% for 'Canada' Country should show on top).


What I'm trying to visualize is, Let's take a example as 'Canada' from the above visual. The data is showing as 

19.16%, 13.38%, 30.58%,10.90%, 10.49%,15.49% (from top to bottom). But, what I really want to visualize is 30.58% should show top since it's highest percentage, followed by 19.16%, 15.49%, 13.38%, 10.90%, 10.49%. 


What I tried: I tried sort by option that is available on PowerBI but no luck, it's sorting by 'Country' Alphabet order but not the numbers (I tried both Country and Sales as shown in image below).


sortby (I tried, but no luck)sortby (I tried, but no luck)


Any help/suggestions?






Super User
Super User

As you can see, it follows the order of the legend.

If you want, you can add another column where you will put the correct order and then use it to sort your column

Good catch. But, how can I add another column? because the values are dynamic may vary for each country?


here is the file, could you please show me how to do it?



Super User
Super User


Share the link from where i can download your PBI file.

Ashish Mathur

Thank you, Ashish for your response.


Please follow this link to download file. 


I tried but could not solve it.  Sorry.

Ashish Mathur

No problem, thank you for looking at it. 


I appreciate your help.


Thank you!

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