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Office occupation % heat map

Hi everyone,


I'm looking to make a heat map that indicates when a desk at an office is empty or used.


I have a dataset such as the following:

Desk IDDate of changeState
000111-01-2020 11:34:45  1
000111-01-2020 18:23:32  0
000112-01-2020 10:44:21  1
000112-01-2020 19:16:03  0
000211-01-2020 09:34:48  1
000211-01-2020 18:55:02  0
000212-01-2020 09:34:45  1


For example the first line shows someone sat on desk 0001 at 11:34:45 on the 11th, and the second line shows that he left the desk at 18:23:32 the same day.


What I am trying to get from this data is a heat map that shows office % occupation for every 15 minutes interval between 09:00 and 20:00.


Should I build a database based on this one that gives the state of a desk for each interval (which would mean more than 10 million lines in my dataset), or is there a way to create a heat map from this data alone, that could for each 15 minute interval look at the last known state and attribute it correctly ?


Thank you very much for you time.

Super User
Super User

Hi @ValentinBIA ,


I would only save the change.


For example:

someone sat on desk 0001 at 11:34:45 on the 11th = +1

he left the desk at 18:23:32 the same day = -1


With a running total, you should be able to record the status for every point in time.


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