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OData feed - to include SharePoint person picker column

I've searched and search but haven't found an answer to this...


I'm trying to create a new data source which is an OData feed to a SharePoint XML forms library.


It is a library with many columns, including lots of lookups, so due to the lookup column threshold I need to specify the columns I want to return. This does include a person picker field (among other fields), and from that field I want to the person's login name.


Can somebody please tell me the appropriate string I need to use to achieve this?


I've tried the following, none have worked in Power BI (so far I'm just trying to retrieve the Created and 'Reviewer Namess fields whereby the latter is a person picker):'List Name')/items?$select=Created,Reviewer_x0020_Names/Title,Reviewer_x0020_Names/EMail&$expand=Reviewer_x0020_Names/Id
(This one works in the browser, but in Power BI the Reviewer Names column just shows "Table" for every entry)'List Name')/items?$select=Created,Reviewer_x0020_Names/Title,Reviewer_x0020_Names/Name,Reviewer_x0020_Names/EMail&$expand=Reviewer_x0020_Names/Id'List Name')/items$expand=Reviewer_x0020_Names&$select=Reviewer_x0020_Names/Id,Title'List Name')/items?$select=Created&$expand=FieldValuesAsText/Reviewer_x0020_Names
Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: OData feed - to include SharePoint person picker column

Hi PetyrBaelish,


So there's somethong wrong with your person picker string, right? This similar case may help you:



Jimmy Tao

Re: OData feed - to include SharePoint person picker column

Thanks for your response. I've read the article but it doesn't appear to contain anything useful for how to format my OData feed to include relevant data from a person picker field - it wasn't acutally talking about OData?


The links within that article were also to PowerApps related queries which also provided no information on OData strings.


My problem is that I'm not using the correct syntax for my OData feed - relating to the select and expand properties.


If there's a different way around this I'm open to suggestions, but I'm unable to connect directly to the SharePoint list because it's an "XML Forms Library" type of list, and I need the select statement because the list contains too many lookup columns so I can't just select all.