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No horizontal scroll for Matrix visual?

Hi All,

Is horizontal scrolling available for the Matrix visual? I noticed if I add columns that go beyond the visible area no horizontal scroll bar appears. I am using the Febuary 2020 release.



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Ok looks like a few people forgot this issue. But it was brought up in 2015 and still gets comments:


I willl try the workaround to see if we can live with it.


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Okay I did some more testing and the horizontal scrollbar only shows up when a column is added to the "Column" for the "values". So I ran a simple test where I added one column from my fields and one row to my values. If I resize my matrix control so the column is not showing a scrollbar is added. If I move my only column to rows no scrollbar is show when I resize the matrix again.


I may have to add a blank narrow column to values to get the horizontal scrollbar.


I hope this helps others.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hey @adanecito 


I know there was an old bug that had this happen when there were only text values in the matrix or no row headers. You can try converting to a table to see if the scroll bar appears. If no scroll bar appears for the table then you either need to reinstall Power BI Desktop or share a screenshot of your visual so we can further assess the problem. If all of your columns are visible in the window then there is no need for a scroll bar and it will not appear.


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I switched it to a table and the horizontal scrollbar showed up. I switched it back and the problem came back. I also noticed if I reduced the size of the visual to where a horizontal scroll bar should have appeared it did not. I also noticed if added a column to where the column should have been added to the rows instead it was added  coulmns and just that column would scroll with the new horizontal scroll bar. Really strange and still not solve the problem because half of the column would show and that would scroll inside the column if that make sense.


Again thanks for the reply.

Super User
Super User

Hi @adanecito ,


As in the vertical if you add several columns that surpass the horizontal size of the matrix you will see the scroll bar available.


Miguel Félix

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I am able to see, what is the exact issue

Screenshot 2020-03-02 22.35.25.png

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Hi Amit,

I know this is an old post, but the issue still persists. I see that you have one field in ROWS and Multiple fields in VALUES. In this case, the horizontal scrollbar works. Alternatively, when you have just many fields in ROWS and only a single field in VALUES, the horizontal scrollbar doesn't work thought the scrollbar is available. The reason what I observe is that there is a column freeze till the end of the fields in rows. In other words, the scrollbar only works where you have multiple fields in ROWS.



Yep I repeated it the same way but no scrollbar..  So is this a bug? If so do you know if there is a workaround?





Can you share your a screenshot of your visual or share the pbix? normally this is only an issue if you do not have anything in rows or if there exists certain combinations of formatting.

I wish I could it is financial data and quite sensitive. The vertical scroll works fine and I have a combination of text and number columns.


I will see if I can replicate with other data.

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