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nilkaush Frequent Visitor
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Re: New line Characters



How do you word wrap in long text viewer. Is there a special character that i can add to text data to make sure data is displayed in new line.


Re: New line Characters

Yes, you can add a custom string where you want the line break (I used "(LF)" but you can use anything) and then specify this under the Newline starts with option under Format > Text for the Long Text Viewer visual (Beta v.2) 


HHope that helps!

sdjensen Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: New line Characters

Is there still no way to get Power BI visuals to handle line breaks?


I have tried with an Excel source. The Excel sheet consist of a single column with a header and one row. In this row I have made a text with a couple of line breaks and then loaded the sheet into a Power BI Desktop model (march 2017 version).


My row show with line breaks when viewing data in Query Editor. But when I add the column to my visuals the line breaks disapear (but however show in the popup when I hover the mouse over the value).


I have tried using Table, Multi-row Card, Matrix and Matrix preview but neither will show the line break.


I also tried creating a measure, but this didn't help much. I used this formular:

Comment_Meas = CONCATENATE( VALUES(Sheet1[Comment]); "")

Is there any other way to get Power BI to accept line breaks in a text measure??


Re: New line Characters

Have you tried the same thing but with the preview version of the Table visual with word wrap enabled?


Re: New line Characters

I've just tried it myself, no luck sorry Smiley Sad

bullius Member

Re: New line Characters

Hi @Vicky_Song,


I don't think this issue has been resolved. If it has, could you direct me to the solution?


I need to display an address like this:


Line 1

Line 2




Instead of this:


Line 1, Line 2, City, Postcode



bschnabe Visitor

Re: New line Characters

I'm told this is available in the July 2017 release...


The Power BI Desktop July release has word wrap support e.g. Measure = "This is the first line" & UNICHAR(10) & "This is the second line".  Make sure you turn on word wrap for the grid/title for the visualization.


Super User
Super User

Re: New line Characters

Has anyone had any luck implementing this in the Card Visual ???


New Line Measure.gif


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Re: New line Characters

@Sean "Any luck" yes: bad luck Smiley LOL


It only seems to work with the matrix and table visuals.



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KellyDittmar Regular Visitor
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Re: New line Characters


@Sean - did you have to do something special to make Unichar work? I keep getting stuck with an invalid syntax error - but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.