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New Table - Counting Dates - Plan VS Actual Bookings


I have a table of actual property bookings and a table of planned property bookings.

I want to show how we are doing on actual sales compared to plan.  A simplified example of my two source tables and the one desired comparison table is below.

I cannot figure out how to create a table that will do this.   Can anyone point me in the right direction or show me what DAX concepts I need... If it is very simple I would graciously and thankfully be happy to just have the code to get this done.  Any help is appreciated.




TAble 1 - Booked Dates    
Booked Dates          Booked Property       Sales Channel   
1/3/2018                 ocean side                A   
1/4/2018                 ocean side                A   
1/5/2018                 ocean side                A   
3/1/2018                 sloap side                 B   
3/2/2018                 sloap side                 B   
3/3/2018                 sloap side                 B   
Table 2   - Planned Dates  
Dates Planned            Property              Sales Channel   
1/1/2018                    ocean side           B   
1/2/2018                    ocean side           B   
1/3/2018                    ocean side           B   
1/4/2018                    ocean side           B   
3/1/2018                    beach side           A   
3/2/2018                    beach side           A   
4/1/2018                    city side               C   
Table 3     Booked Vs Planned
Month          Property            Planned        Booked     Channel Planned        Channel Booked
January         ocean side        4                   3                B                                 A
March           beach side        0                   2                0                                 A
April              city side            0                  1                 0                                 C

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Super User

Re: New Table - Counting Dates - Plan VS Actual Bookings

I would add a column to each table that is simply MONTH of your date. Link both to a central table of unique month names. Create another table of unique property names and link both tables to that as well. Put your month name from your month table and your property name from your properties table into a Table visualization. Now you simply need to drag your date columns into the visuals and choose COUNT aggregation. Drag your channel from each table and choose something like MAX or First.

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