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maracles Member

New KPI visual showing incorrect data.

I'm trying to use the new KPI visual and have it working great for one of my measures. I have tried to use it for another however and I am getting odd results that I can't figure out. 

Below is a screnshot. The top visual is a standard Card visual showing the correct figure. The one below is a KPI visual using exactly the same measure and using the same date column on trend axis that I am using as part of the measure. 


Why am I getting this discrepency and not seeing £276 on the KPI visual? All filters are the same on both visuals.   Maybe misunderstanding how this new visual works, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. 

Power BI Team meysun
Power BI Team

Re: New KPI visual showing incorrect data.

What is the 'aggregation' type that you used for the Card visual?. Is it Average?

The KPI visuals displays the last value associated with the data axis.

maracles Member

Re: New KPI visual showing incorrect data.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The aggregate is SUM. 

Sorry, I've just re-read your comment and I think that explains it i.e. using the value of the last date on the axis. I guess I need to create a cumulative measure then? 

KafeBI Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: New KPI visual showing incorrect data.

Yes. Check out this post for more information:


Cumulative Quantity :=
    SUM ( Transactions[Quantity] ),
    FILTER (
        ALL ( 'Date'[Date] ),
        'Date'[Date] <= MAX ( 'Date'[Date] )
ToddChitt Member

Re: New KPI visual showing incorrect data.

Also, apparently, it is dependant on the ORDER in which things are added to the KPI visual. I have documented this and sent it to Power BI Feedback. Hopefully they can fix it.

If you add a Column to the canvas, then make it a KPI, then add the Goal and time series, you might get incorrect visualization.

If you then REMOVE the column and RE-ADD it, you get a different looking KPI. Strange but true.

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