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Netsuite ODBC filter not folding



I'm using Power BI to report on a NetSuite database using ODBC.

I'm filtering on a table with a few million rows to select a few hundred for a report.

It seems that the row filter is not being folded and the ODBC driver is being asked for all rows, which are then filtered locally. The "View Underlying Query" is greyed out on the filter step. This is understandably slow.


I can reproduce with a simple bit of M:

Source = Odbc.DataSource("dsn=NetSuite", [HierarchicalNavigation=true]),
#"Our_Database" = Source{[Name="Our Database",Kind="Database"]}[Data],
Administrator_Schema = #"Our_Database"{[Name="Administrator",Kind="Schema"]}[Data],
PRODUCT_TYPE_Table = Administrator_Schema{[Name="PRODUCT_TYPE",Kind="Table"]}[Data],
#"Filtered Rows" = Table.SelectRows(PRODUCT_TYPE_Table, each [IS_RECORD_INACTIVE] = "F")
#"Filtered Rows"

Here the #"Filtered Rows" step has "View Underlying Query" greyed out.


Note - column restrictions and joins are getting folded correctly, and I can see the underlying queries are optimised.


I don't want to revert to using an SQL query as this is a user-maintained reporting suite.


If I have to report a problem with the NetSuite driver, what would be a good way to report this technically - e.g. what particular thing is their ODBC driver doing incorrectly that makes Power BI beleive that folding even simple predicates is not supported?


Any assistance appreciated,




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@andyclap , this no same. But see if, the steps given in this topic can help

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Thanks Amit,


however as you suggested, this isn't quite the same.

I am attempting to follow the advice given around query folding (as per the links in the related question), and in theory, predicates should fold correctly improving query performance as this is a relational database source. Joins fold correctly indicating relational database folding is active. However filters are not folding, even in the simplest example which suggests an underlying problem.






I've just tested this against another NetSuite ODBC driver (CDATA), and then ODBC to a local MySQL installation.

It seems ODBC doesn't fold filters for any of these either - this is bad!


Is this broken? Or is ODBC just not supported for query folding of predicates?

This is really peculiar, as the one source that can handle folding demands most efficiently is a relational database!





Note - I've raised a support ticket for this.

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