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Net Change for Status/Milestone Changes in Report

Hi all. I am trying to show the net change for every day for each milestone (currently using DevOps to retrieve the data).


Below is an image of my overall data and the count of the new IDs added. The X-axis is the created date from DevOps. If an ID changes from one milestone to another, the "added" counts will account for the change (will implement remove soon).2020-09-24_12-35-26.png


My main issue is when I view data for a particular milestone and there is a net negative change.


For example, today the "Core Build" has 468 IDs and then tomorrow, the 8 IDs are moved to a different milestone (Build Refinement), which brings the "Core Build" numbers to 460. So for tomorrow, my tooltip for Build Refinement will show a net positive change. 


How can I show net negative (-8) in my tooltip for "Core Build"? 



Please let me know if you need more details!




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @marsvyl1004 ,


First create 1 slicer tables,such as below:(It is used to record the values selected at the first time)

slicer table 1 = VALUES('fact table'[ID])

Then create a measure as below:

Measure = CALCULATE(MAX('fact table'[value]),FILTER(ALL('fact table'),'fact table'[ID]=SELECTEDVALUE('slicer table 1'[ID])))-CALCULATE(MAX('fact table'[value]),FILTER(ALL('fact table'),'fact table'[ID]=SELECTEDVALUE('fact table'[ID])))

Put the measure in a card visual,you will see the result as you need.

Here is a sample .pbix file,pls see attached.


Best Regards,

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@v-kelly-msft Thank you for the response! I looked through the solution and understand what is happening, but its not what I'm looking for exactly.


Hopefully this is a better explanation of my issue: Let's say today, my chart data has the following information:


   ___9/28/2020___ | _________

Build Refinement |  136

           Core Build |  487





In the backend, I complete a count for each milestone. Hypothetically speaking, tomorrow, 09/29/2020, my data shows that 7 Core Build was changed to Build Refinement. My graph will show the correct numbers since it is a count (below), however, I want a measure in the tooltip to show -7 for Core Build and 7 for Build Refinement. 


___9/29/2020___ | _________

Build Refinement |  143

           Core Build |  480


Hi @marsvyl1004 ,


Yes,I understand your point,my suggestion is a workaround for you,as in desktop,the previous values cant be stored (It will be overwritten)and then used for calculation,my suggestion is to use a slicer  to select the previous values then use the values to calculate out the result you need.


Best Regards,

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