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Need to Identify & count them


I receveive number of Alert types for many Services based on a condition:

Example: Alert 1 got trigerred at 10:00:00, Then system will try to resolve it within 900 seconds , if it is not resolved within 900 seconds ,it will trigger the same Alert 1 again for every 900 seconds until it is resolved.

Other case is, Alert 1 got resolved within 900 seconds means , no more triggers- then anything coming beyond 900 seconds would be a fresh case i.e., new Alert 1.

For this case, I want to calculate Active ones (ignoring the repetitive alerts) and Resolved ones.

I have calculated the TimeDiff but got stuck on how to go with this step segregation & count . Can anyone help  

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sharm ,


Could you please explain the expected result you gave? I am a little confused about the two results of "Max iteration-Alert type 3- "5" and "Total Active -3 (ignoring the duplicate iterations)".


Best Regards,


Hi Yuna, Thanks for responding. I have described in detail in the link below:


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Super User III

please indicate expected result. Is this a direct query connection, are you using a report or a dashboard?

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@lbendlinI am using a dashboard, I want to categorize status as "resolved" and "Active tickets" based on the 900 second, And have count of them maximum iteration An active ticket takes. I have detailed in file below


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