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bvilten Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Need help with DAX formula

Hello All,

I have a table as follows ( the actual table is thousands of records, and UserIDs may appear many times with different contract end dates). There are only 3 options for the Action column.


UserID  ContractEndDate       Action                        IsExpired

8888      1/1/2019                  Onboard                    True

8888      1/1/2019                  Offboard                    True

8888      1/1/2019                  Contract Extension     True


I have found the latest contract end date and determined if it is true or not. What I need to do now is determine if the UserID with the expired contract end date (CED) has an action of Offboard in one of the CED records. If it does not then that UserID should be sent to a calculated table for reporting.

AClerk New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Need help with DAX formula

Hi @bvilten 
Not sure I get you.

But, one option is to create a flag column and then filter according to it.

Column = if(Table1[Action] = "Offboard",1,0)

2019-04-12 12_18_52-papercut - Remote Desktop Connection.png


2019-04-12 12_20_02-papercut - Remote Desktop Connection.png

bvilten Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Need help with DAX formula

Hello @AClerk ,


Thank you for responding. I'm not surprised you aren't getting me. I'm not sure my self ;-). Let me try again. What I am trying to get at is this.


Find all records for each d#, find each of last contract end date, search for "offboard" action within records containing last contract end date. If not found and last contract end date is expired then report record.

bvilten Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Need help with DAX formula

I have come up with the following formula:


ToBeChecked = IF(AND(OnOffboardingManagement[IsCEDExpired] = TRUE, ISBLANK(OnOffboardingManagement[ActualEndDate])),"Check","Varified")

Which works to a point. The problem is that I have both a record that fits the check scenerio, and a record that fits the Varified scenerio. If I get a hit on Varified then all other records for that UserID should be skipped.

AClerk New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Need help with DAX formula


Sorry. still not getting you, and I am guessing that others as well.

I suggest you will give an example of your original data set and the expected results, after manipulation of DAX script or other functionalities.


bvilten Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Need help with DAX formula

@AClerk , One mor try then 🙂

In the Before table you will find that only the UserIDa 888889 and 888891 meet the "need to verify" criteria which is:

If a LCED is expired and there is no Offboard action for any of the records matching the LCED it must be varified. There has since been added an AED column which could be used as well.  We match on the UserID and the LCED then look for either an AED or an Offboard action in the returned group.


 BEFORE Processing    AFTER Processing 
 last contract end date actual end date    
8888892/2/2019OnboardExpired  8888892/2/2019VerifyExpired
8888914/4/2019OnboardExpired  8888914/4/2019VerifyExpired


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