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Need help to get above cell value in Power Query

Thanks Advanced,


Dear friends,


Goal :

Trying to get the above cell value to compare with current cell value in Power Query.


Tried Approach :

1. Create two column for index

     1. Start with 1

    2. Start with 0

 and did the self join. 



In my approach am getting the expected result, but the things is my data set cotains 1M rows it will take very long time to do this process.


Help me to came out of this prob. No clue for last three days and finally am came here.


@MattAllington @Phil_Seamark @kcantor@MiguelMartinez

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Re: Need help to get above cell value in Power Query

I'm not aware of a faster method than this.

Could it be that the transformations before the merge actually cause the problem?

You could try to buffer the input-table to prevent duplicate evaluation, just be aware that this could also slow the process down, so check carefully.

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