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Need help getting a equation to work.

Hi, i need help getting the totals of two rows in the same column to divide.


My boss says that he would like to have this ongoing rolling visual looking out 3 months for a forecast.  The two rows are created by filtering the left column down to just those 2 rows, I need to be able to get the totals to be divided so i can see a ratio of them


we need 2 previous months of history to calculate turns, so I guess Dec is the first month we could estimate it. here's the turns calc for Dec: (Oct Net Forecast + Nov Net Forecast + Dec Net Forecast)*4/(Dec S&OP Planned Inventory)

so it's always a rolling 3 months of Net Forecast * 4, divided by the current month's S&OP Inventory $






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OK, so I have some data in multiple tables.  I need to create a measure that will allow me to capture the data from a column called qty in one table and filter it by the data in the date table and look at a dynamic result that is 3 months in the future.  We will then take this result and use it as a denominator in an equation with data from a larger period to get a ratio.  This needs to be dynamic, so that each month it updates and pushes further out in future

I'm having the hard time getting the data to be limited to the 3rd month in the future.  We are currently in October, so the 3 month future is Nov, Dec, Jan.  For the numerator I use a all 3 months of planned purchses, and devide by just the existing inventory of Jan.



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Super User

Power BI has no concept of row numbers or column numbers, or things like "previous row" or "previous column".  You need to help it by providing index columns, and then you write your measures by including the index values in your filters.


Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. Paste the data into a table in your post or use one of the file services. Please show the expected outcome.

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