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JanOos Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Need help creating an SPC chart with filter capability?

Trying to impress the boss with a fancy SPC chart for monthly sales that can be filtered per product.


It's a line chart showing count of invoices (Or sum of revenue) per month. So first I need to add a line showing the average  for all the months (A plain horizontal line, but it needs to adjust depending which product I filter on.)


Next is a calculated line (LCL=Mean-3*stddev)


Every time I have tried it just sees the invoice numbers as individual numbers and gives an average of that, rather than an average of the count per month.


I can easily put in fixed lines for all data, but I specifically want something that will adjust depending on the filter applied. If I can add a banner card that shows the actual calculated number per filter it will also help a lot.


Then I also need a way to sort products by a count of all invoice numbers in a bar chart. Is that possible?


Thanks in advance.

JanOos Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Need help creating SPC Charts with filter option

Hi All


I am trying to impress the boss with some SPC Charts that can show either a count of all invoices per month or a sum of revenue per month with some 6sigma based analysis lines on the chart.


For this I need a basic line chart that shows the count of invoices accross a few months with a filter per product. Easy enough.


Next I get lost: I need to show a mean of the count of invoices accross all the months. It's easy enough to enter a fixed number, but then it doesn't change as I filter per product.


For all I have:

April 15370
January 14046
March 15656
May 14810

So the mean is 14680


Then if I filter to product X I get

April 286
January 271
March 271


With mean 276.


So how do I get my graphs to show a horizontal line of the mean that changes as I filter by product?


The next line is the same concept, but the formula is LCL=Mean-(3*StandardDev)


Does anyone know how to create these lines on a line graph?



I also wan't to show all the products with associated revenue on a bar graph, then sort it by amount of revenue so it shows the best performers first.

Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: Need help creating SPC Charts with filter option



There's no dynamic reference line feature, you can vote for this idea. So far you can apply a workaround with a measure. To get the second LCL formula, you can tweak the measure accordingly.

avg ref line = CALCULATE(AVERAGE(sales[sales]),ALL(sales[date]))


JanOos Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Need help creating SPC Charts with filter option

Thank you for the response. I tried your formula but unfortunately it returns a 0 value.


I have voted for the feature.

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