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shado26 Member

Need Help

Hi All 


i need your help to apply DAX formula to calculate the all Rows duration if " Approved by CC " found on the rows 


and if not found DAX do not calculate 


i put the 2 table with "Approved by CC " not without this action name 


2Quote Closed 
2Quote Convert to Order(0)days,(00)hours,(00)minutes,(38)seconds
2Initiate MKD Approval(1)days,(01)hours,(01)minutes,(13)seconds
2Allocate Item(6)days,(23)hours,(27)minutes,(32)seconds
2Order Push for delivery(5)days,(04)hours,(48)minutes,(11)seconds
2Order Approved by CC(0)days,(15)hours,(10)minutes,(24)seconds




0000650241Quote Closed 
0000650241Quote Convert to Order(0)days,(00)hours,(01)minutes,(47)seconds
0000650241Initiate MKD Approval(0)days,(00)hours,(00)minutes,(14)seconds
0000650241Reset Order(1)days,(10)hours,(57)minutes,(41)seconds
0000650241Get Approval Click(0)days,(00)hours,(00)minutes,(29)seconds
0000650241Quote Approved by PM(0)days,(00)hours,(01)minutes,(18)seconds
0000650241Quote Approved by GP(0)days,(00)hours,(52)minutes,(34)seconds
0000650241Quote Convert to Order(0)days,(00)hours,(05)minutes,(32)seconds
0000650241Allocate Item(0)days,(08)hours,(04)minutes,(45)seconds
Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Need Help

Hi @shado26

From your two tables, i find only the first table contains "Approved by CC " in the rows of ActionName column, the second table doesn't, so i use the first table as a test.

Since i don't know how to calculate the duration, i only create a calculated column to show whether the row contains "Approved by CC ".

in the picture below, when the value is larger than 0, it indicates that the row contains "Approved by CC ".



If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.


Best Regards