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Need Help | Filter Map by 'Top N' where ranking is done using a measure

We have a dynamic slicer (Top 5/10/25/ALL).

Using this slicer we are calculating the following table.(please refer the TABLE image below)

In this table we are dynamically ranking the 'Sellers' by the volume

[DynamicRankMeasure] = IF(RANKX(ALLSELECTED(tblImportMaster[Shipper]),[ SelectedMeasure],,DESC)<=[ SelectedTopNValue],[ SelectedMeasure],BLANK()) 

So if we select top 5, then the table would show the top 5 sellers by volume (and their respective data). Now there is a column called 'SellerCountryCount' which basically gives us the distinct count of 'countries' where the seller is located.

Now, I need to plot these two distinct countries on the map.


If I select top 5 sellers, I get the this data. But if you notice I just have two distinct countries in the table. So I need to plot these 'two countries' only.

Currently the map shows all the countries in my data when I put 'Country' on the location and 'Volume' (based on the rank) on the color saturation

Can we achieve this using DAX in Power BI ? Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Need Help | Filter Map by 'Top N' where ranking is done using a measure

Hi ketan10,


Does "Country" column have relationship between table 'tblImportMaster'? You should build a relationship between Country column and 'tblImportMaster'[seller] column and try again.



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