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Need Help | Dynamically change 'maximum' value in the GAUGE visual based on Top 5/10/25/ALL

Can we have a dynamic 'maximum value' in a gauge based on Top 5/10/25/ALL selection ?

Gauge Issuee.png

Here is the scenario

1. I have a table with the following columns.

2. I am calculating following two measures:

Shipment Count = DISTINCTCOUNT(tblImportMaster[BillLadingNo])
Sum of Weight = SUM(tblImportMaster[Weightkg])

Using these two measures I am calculating a third measure as follows:

Volume = [Shipment Count] * [Sum of Weight]

3. In this step, I am calculating RANK by Sellers w.r.t Volume

SellerRankByMeasure = RANKX(ALL(tblImportMaster[Shipper]),[Volume],,DESC)

4. Now, I have a slicer for Top 5/10/25/ALL. Using this custom slicer that is created, we are filtering the records by the following measure:

SellerRankVolume = IF([SellerRankByMeasure]<=[SelectedTopNValue],[Volume])


So if I plot the following visual in a table, it works fine. However if I want to change this volume dynamically based on the Top 5/10/25/ALL
slicer, it does not reflect the 'sliced' value in the GAUGE.

Can we have a value in the gauge (in the maximum section) to be filtered dynamically ?

Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you Smiley Happy

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Re: Need Help | Dynamically change 'maximum' value in the GAUGE visual based on Top 5/10/25/ALL



do you know where the 2470 comes from?

What would be the expected result?

Does value change if you change your slicer?


Best regards.

Community Support
Community Support

Re: Need Help | Dynamically change 'maximum' value in the GAUGE visual based on Top 5/10/25/ALL

Hi ketan10,


TopN is a calculate column and SelectedTopNValue is a measure, right?


If you are using single selection, you can refer to this pattern:

[SelectedTopNValue] =

 If you are using multiple selection, you can refer to this pattern:

[SelectedTopNValue] =
CALCULATE ( SUM ( Table[TopN] ), ALLSELECTED ( Table[TopN] ) )

Hope it's helpful.



Jimmy Tao

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