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Need Help - Drillthrough on Table Measure

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I have a table visualization which contains the summary of several columns summed by day.  I want the user to be able to click on the intersection and drill through (or crossfilter) to the record level data that the measure represents.


The data is all in a single table, with the following structure:


Day, Measure A (values: 0, 1), Measure B (values: 0, 1), Measure C (values: 0, 1)


The measures are not mutually exclusive, so a row can have Measure A = 1 and Measure C = 1 for Day 1.


Here is a mock up, with the measures A-C summed for each day. Here is a link to the Sample Data




In the example above, if the user clicks on the intersection of Day 1 and Measure A, I want the drill through to pass a filter to show all records for Day 1 where Measure A = 1.


Is there a way to do this or accomplish the same outcome with another approach?


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Need Help - Drillthrough on Table Measure



You may try to select Unpivot Columns in Query Editor, then use Matrix visual later.