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Need DAX for Percent of Grand Total


Currently I'm using the "Percent of Grand Total" by using the field properties ("show value as") in the visual but one problem is that it automatically calculates it to percentage and I can't remove/change its decimal place to 0. So I need a dax formula instead to be able to remove decimal.


In the image below, I need to divide the average (12.91/10.70 = 1.21), then for the second row (1.12/10.70 = 0.10) and so on.





I'm currently experimenting some formula like this:

Percentage = DIVIDE(SUMX(SUMMARIZE('CUAppend', 'CUAppend'[Target], "NewAverage", [CUA Average Completed Request per day]), [CUA Average])


However, still can't get the correct values for each row.


For reference:

CUA Average = AVERAGEX(SUMMARIZE('CUAppend', 'CUAppend'[Target], "NewAverage", [CUA Request Completed]), [CUA Average Completed Request per day])


CUA Average Completed Request per day = DIVIDE([CUA Request Completed], [CUA Avg ColumnAdded])


CUA Request Completed = COUNTROWS('CUAppend')


CUA Avg ColumnAdded = AVERAGE('CUAppend'[CUA ColumnAdded])



Thanks in advance!



Found a relevant topic!

here's the link

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I have the same issue and still not working on my end and badly needed help. 

Here are the data: 


CategoryCount Percentage
Win 209?


Not Pursued160?


Hope someone can help. DAX function is highly recommended. 


Thank you. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @chesterraepined,


     Please go through below screenshot, hope will work.



Hi @zlokesh


Thanks for the response, but It would not work either. I already tried removing the decimal thru Modeling>Formatting and still won't work.



Found a relevant topic!

here's the link

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