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Navigate from one matrix table to another (within same pbix)

I seeking for help to navigate from a dynamic matrix table chart to another.


Data Source: SSAS


A published PowerBI report on app.powerbi has a matrix table, the column called Parameter (refer screenshot) contains list of parameters which needs to be shown in a detailed view. For each parameter ,there are underlying data available to show (details of the parameter which is available in appropriate DB views). So, for each parameter, there is a dedicated table. Upon clicking on the ­either the parameter itself or the URL or as an ICON the user should be taken to a new page (within the same PBIX file, not by opening a new browser tab and show the matrix table content which is built using a different DB table) with back button so to navigate back to original matrix table.


I have already experimented by showing it as a URL (of another report’s URL) the URL takes the user to a new browser tab. It works fine, but I am trying to keep the user within the same page (within same PBIX file), so that the user doesn’t get deviated away. Please suggest if you know any other approach to best tackle this.


Note: Content is dynamic (matrix table will be sliced with many filters) and contains several filters, so there is no way to place a text/button to show static URLs in the matrix table chart.


Things Already Explored:

  • Already experimented by creating a new column in the same matrix to with link for chart developed with the appropriate detailed view of the parameter, the URL is opening in a new browser tab. Same page navigation is not working. 
  • Already tried creating bookmark functionality, there is no way to conditionally assign the link to the appropriate parameters using the bookmark component, the bookmark works fine only with the static content. 
  • Already tried the drill through functionality, since the content of new page (another matrix table) is from a different view/table, it is not supporting. Drill through works well only with the same table/view.

I have already refered to this & this dicussion. However my purpose is not solved. Kindly help with any new ideas/approaches. 


Thank you


Community Support
Community Support

Hi shaw,


Unfortunately by now there maybe no such feature which support changing pages through different raw tables. (As you mentioned, bookmark only support same page while drillthough only support same raw table). However, in your diagram it seems like your want to achieve underly data in your visual, right? If that's your requirement, you can click simply right click the visual and then click show data to achieve them.



Jimmy Tao

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Hi Jimmy, 


Thanks for checking out the issue. Perhaps I should have used the right term. Its not the underlying data. Its not the underlying, but data related to the main matrix content. Anyways, I have used bookmarking functionality and buttons and navigating the user to the new page to show the supporting content. 


Thank you for taking the time to respond. Have a good one. 



Hi shawkath, 


Great to hear that. If possible, could you kindly mark the correct answer to finish the thread?



Jimmy Tao

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