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NETWORKDAYS with multiple country holidays

Hi, I am computing the difference between two working dates to know the lenght of days used, the formula is below;


TAT = CALCULATE(SUM(CalendarTable[WorkingDay]),
'Processed Data'[Date of failure],
'Processed Data'[Date of repair])


WorkingDay = SWITCH(CalendarTable[WeekNo],1,0,7,0,1)


But i realized that i forgot to add the holidays in the equation of the working day, on top of that, i have difficulty because my data is across different countries that does not share the same holidays.


I shared the data below.


Thanks in advance for the help.


I have a column for the country in each row so it can be used to filter the TAT computation based on the country holiday list, I guess.


I have been at it for hours and can't seem to figure out how to do it. Any help will be appreciated.




Dear @danextian   ,

Plese help me to get out of this !!!

I want Values Row by row in Calculated column followed same way as you mentioned below and it is not giving me negtive values,Please find the Below Data whichi have and Screen Captures.

Thanks In Advance.


Dax Formula What I used:

TBL_Date=DATESBETWEEN('Calender Table'[Date].[Date],MasterData[Invoice Date],MasterData[Payment Date])
var TBL_FinalDate=
ADDCOLUMNS(TBL_Date,"Working day",IF(WEEKDAY([Date],2)>=6,0,1),
"Holiday",IFERROR(LOOKUPVALUE('Holiday-2019'[Holidaycount],'Holiday-2019'[Holidays - 2019,2020],[Date]),0)
SUMX(TBL_FinalDate,if([Working day]=1&&[Holiday]=0,1,0))Capture1.JPGCapture2.JPG

Please post a sample data that is not screen caps and a sample table of your expected result. 

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Invoice DatePosted DatePayment DateDate DueType of supplierInvoice Received on
13-06-201931-07-201906-12-201913-07-20193rd Party12-07-2019
15-04-201912-08-201906-12-201915-05-20193rd Party08-08-2019
22-10-201930-10-201913-12-201921-11-20193rd Party29-10-2019
24-10-201930-10-201913-12-201923-11-20193rd Party29-10-2019
31-10-201907-11-201916-12-201930-11-20193rd Party31-10-2019
29-10-201912-11-201913-12-201928-11-20193rd Party06-11-2019
31-10-201928-11-201906-12-201930-11-20193rd Party08-11-2019
04-11-201912-11-201904-12-201904-12-20193rd Party11-11-2019
05-11-201915-11-201906-12-201905-12-20193rd Party11-11-2019
31-10-201928-11-201906-12-201930-11-20193rd Party12-11-2019
31-10-201918-11-201913-12-201930-11-20193rd Party12-11-2019
31-10-201918-11-201913-12-201930-11-20193rd Party12-11-2019
01-11-201918-11-201930-12-201901-12-20193rd Party12-11-2019
31-10-201918-11-201913-12-201930-11-20193rd Party13-11-2019
08-11-201918-11-201930-12-201908-12-20193rd Party14-11-2019
28-05-201928-11-201906-12-201927-06-20193rd Party15-11-2019
12-11-201918-11-201930-12-201912-12-20193rd Party15-11-2019
31-10-201920-11-201913-12-201930-11-20193rd Party18-11-2019
01-10-201920-11-201913-12-201931-10-20193rd Party19-11-2019
04-10-201920-11-201913-12-201903-11-20193rd Party19-11-2019
05-11-201927-11-201906-12-201905-12-20193rd Party21-11-2019
06-11-201927-11-201906-12-201906-12-20193rd Party21-11-2019
09-11-201927-11-201906-12-201909-12-20193rd Party21-11-2019
14-11-201927-11-201906-12-201914-12-20193rd Party21-11-2019
15-10-201927-11-201912-12-201914-11-20193rd Party21-11-2019
01-12-201901-12-201913-12-201931-12-20193rd Party22-11-2019
01-12-201901-12-201913-12-201931-12-20193rd Party22-11-2019


The  Expected result in Excel:

Invoice Date to Receipt Date
(Calender Days )
Invoice Date to Payment Date
(Calender Days )
Receipt Date to Posting Date  
( Working Days )
Receipt Date to Payment Date
(Working Days)
Posting to Payment Date
-3-313062-31305                       -31,307
5-313002-31305                       -31,307
20-312842-31305                       -31,307
3-312984-31301                       -31,305
3-312981-31301                       -31,302
1-312982-31299                       -31,301
10-312892-31299                       -31,301
-9-312998-31292                       -31,300
13-312841-31298                       -31,299
2-312933-31295                       -31,298
2-312933-31295                       -31,298
4-312913-31295                       -31,298
2-312892-31292                       -31,294
2-312853-31287                       -31,290
42426520                           -247
0111                               -  
181911                               -  
12512611                               -  
16816911                               -  
81022                               -  
121422                               -  
575922                               -  
0333                               -  
3633                               -  
4733                               -  
101333                               -  
151823                                 1
182123                                 1
5813                                 2
101424                                 2
2927                                 5
214612                                 6
1221381016                                 6
8271319                                 6
6271521                                 6
0929                                 7
2232310                                 7

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