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mdrammeh Member

My Data Dilemma with Power Query & Power BI

Hello Everyone,

I have three sets of tables to complete a material order.

The first table includes the project number (Proj #), description, schedule start date, and expected delivery date. Each project number has more than three design codes

The second table consisting of the design code includes the quantity of design complete for each design code. For each design work complete, there are multiple material id’s associated with each design code.

The third table consisting of the material code includes the metric units per material order expressed in feet, count of units, assembly etc.

As a result, my query is returning a many-to-many or one-to-many relationship error. I have watched and researched several videos online and read different articles but none of them have proofed to be helpful now.

Therefore, I was hoping that someone on this forum might have a better understanding to help me understand and resolve this problem in (1) Power Query, (2) PowerPivot, and (3) Power BI.

If needed, I can e-mail you sample data or post a few example later to give you an example scenarion

Thank you.


Excelside Established Member
Established Member

Re: My Data Dilemma with Power Query & Power BI



I ran a session on Many to Many in DAX a few weeks ago:

I am covering the following topics : DAX, Power Query, Data Modelling.


Tell us if it helped you !